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Web Site, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and what is Twitter??

It is very confusing to know what to do as a small business out in the world wide web today. Should I build a website? How much should I invest? I need a facebook page and a presence on YouTube. What else should I do as a small business owner. These questions can be mind boggling and overpowering...more

Finally the The Web Company has built a site for the Web Company

For 2 years I have been preaching to customers about why they need a web site and how it will bring them business. Sometimes they would ask to see my website and I would have to tell them "The Cobblers kids have no shoes." I am happy to say that the Cobblers kids now have shoes. Although it is not completely done. I am happy to say that I have a presence now on the web...more


Latest Work

I will feature my latest website design in this box. Please check them out.


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